Sharp turns


My 2002 Passat makes a rapid clunking/rubbing sound when I make sharp turns. It only happens with sharp turns, and there is no vibration when I drive or pulling.


Have the CV joints checked. This sounds just like a classic bad CV joint.


Sounds like it may be ujoints in front axle.
In a parking lot turn wheel all the way to the right then go forward then backward, then turn to left and do same thing.
you will be able to here where noise is coming from a lot better


I concur with BustedKnuckles. This is undoubtedly a bad CV joint, or two.


A point of clarification on the terms:

U joints (Universal joints) are somewhat different from CV joints (Constant Velocity joints).

U joints have two opposing bifurcated yolks with an “X” in the center connecting the two. U joints are extremely strong and durable, however they have a weakness…when the joint is articulated, the speed of the output shaft with a constant input speed is irregular, a sine wave. At small angles of articulation the difference is insignificant, however as the articulation angle grows the difference becomes severe. In a shaft such as a driveshaft that has to bend at the angles necessary to steer the vehicle while still having power applied, U joints aren’t the best approach.

CV joints are designed to keep the speed of the output shaft constant with the input shaft even at high agles of articulation while still transmitting torque. They’re typically basically a form of ball and socket joint with slots between the ball and socket and balls in the slots to transmit the torque. They’re a better design for a driveshaft that has to both bend and transmit torque at the same time.

But, yeah, I agree that it sounds like the articulating joints (CV joints) in the front axles.