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Car shakes when it rattles and rolls

I have been experiencing this for about 12 months… But now I have new tires that have been balanced twice by two separate shops. I’m still getting a wobble from the right front at about 65 miles an hour. The original tire on the right front has outside wear about half way around the tire. It seems very strange… Half of the outside of the tire is down to the cord the other half has some tread remaining… It’s like something is shaking it up and down… Any ideas?


I get the same thing from my John Deere lawn tractor!



What’s the situation w/the alignment and suspension components? Have they all been inspected?


What kind of vehicle are you talking about?


Inspected and everything is good. 2006 Buick Lucerne

Just ordered new front hubs to see if that takes care of it

Seems like it is worth a shot anyway. Does that hub/wheel/tire combination measure perfectly round with no side to side wobble when you spin it by hand?


New hubs, new & rotated tires, new strut, new axle… still shakes

Bent wheel??

What’s the easiest way to check and see if it’s bent?