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Shaking steering wheel w/ a check Light

What is wrong if your car steering wheel starts to shake and the check engine light comes on? Well 1st the light came on and now a week or so later the steering wheel has started to shake.

However after driving a bit it stopped. The light is still on.

First, get the codes read. Some auto parts stores do this for free. Post them back here for review and analysis.

I suspect you have two different problems, one caused by the check engine light and an issue with the shaking steering wheel. The check engine light is probably an emissions control or sensor issue.

Pls provide more symptoms as to the shaking steering wheel. Under what conditions does it shake?

Well it is cold here in md. and a friend suggested it was lack of antifreeze. The steering wheel starts to shake around 5-40 mph I did not go past this speed. However after driving it for 5 miles to the store and parking and coming back the ride home had less shake to no shake. I have not driven it since. This was yesterday.

How old are the tires?

We cannot help you with the check engine light until you tell us what codes the computer has stored. As jayhawk said, go to an auto parts store and ask them to read the codes for you. Come back here with the actual codes, not the clerk’s interpretation of what they mean.

And don’t listen to that friend. This has nothing whatsoever to do with antifreeze.

And actually I’m going to suggest that you drive slowly to an auto parts store to have the codes read and then slowly to the nearest local front end shop to have your suspension & steering inspected.

Is the steering wheel shaking while the engine is idling, as well as at speeds of 5-40 mph?
If so, it is probably related to the problem that caused the Check Engine Light to illuminate.

When were your tires last rotated and balanced?

I may be over-analyzing things here, but I suspect that this mystery Kia has not had a whole lot of maintenance over its…God only knows…how many years.

Please fill in some vital details, including:

Model year
Current odometer mileage
Whether the car is still under warranty
The car’s maintenance history over the past 2 years or so–in detail. Please don’t give us a meaningless statement such as, “it has been well-maintained”.

And, of course, please let us know what trouble code(s) came up when you had the car’s OBD system scanned.

Why make a worthless post on a 6 year old thread ? Also the forum moderators frown on insults such as referring to someone as you did.

I considered it valuable. OP asked for help, barely provided any details, and when asked for clarification disappeared. I didn’t know it was six years old. It’s Cartalk’s fault for linking me to such an old post.