Rattlin in the steerin wheel

My Steering wheel shakes when driven at first out of the garage and then seems to disappear after a bit, but will sometimes reappear at while on the interstate going faster. Tires are routinely balanced and aligned. Could it be the wheel of something more dramatic?

Car was stolen about a year ago for 48 hours. Vehicle had been given a good workout within that time.

Model year?
Odometer mileage?
Have you had your mechanic check components such as the tie rod ends for excess wear?

Sorry Registration wasn’t working. 02 Toyota Highlander 86,000 miles. Have not checked anything out yet, getting advice first. Note:the car did not shake this morning after a cold night.

Now that I am re-reading your original post, plus seeing the updated information, I am starting to think that either this problem has nothing to do with the tires/front end components, or that you have two different problems.

If the steering wheel is shaking at idle, that would lead me to start looking at the engine and its related components. When was the last time that the spark plugs were replaced? If they have not yet been replaced, that is an excellent place to start. Have your mechanic check for a disconnected vacuum hose, as that can produce an uneven idle. Also, have the motor mounts checked, as you could have worn-out mounts.

As to shaking when driving at high speed, have your mechanic check front-end components such as the tie rod ends and the ball joints, as well as the tires. Even if the tires have been properly balanced, one or more of them could be defective. A “slipped” belt on a tire could produce these symptoms when driving on the highway.

When the vehicle was in the possession of those thieves, God only knows how many curbs they may have driven it into. That could have damaged steering components, suspension, tires, and even the motor mounts. Have everything checked out thoroughly by a competent mechanic. (Hint: That does NOT include places like Midas, Meineke, Monro, Sears, AAMCO, or other chain operatons.)

Thank you will do. I take all my cars to the Toyota dealership, believe it or not it usually runs cheaper than most in my area.