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Service Indicator - Reset


How to reset the indicator without a trip to the dealer’s service center

should be in your manual.

I thought that BMWs require a special tool for resetting this device.
That may only apply to older models, but the OP did not tell us the model year of his Beemer.

If our forum member, oldschool, logs onto this thread, he will know for sure, based on his BMW experience.

I’ll review. Initial manual read only indicate ‘purpose’ and not how to reset. I’ll re-read. FYI - 2001 525ia

I bet if you google that you’ll come up with your answer, whether it’s something you can do yourself or whether it will in fact take a BMW service center.

Once again, the owners manual usually does not have this kind of detail in it. The factory service manual would however give the procedure. If it is like the Acura though, oil changes can be reset, but anything else requires the diagnostic computer to be plugged into it and the option selected then reset.

It is re-set with a special tool but the tool is not so special that a independant or you yourself cannot buy one.

You dont mention year and I do remember some models in the range of 2001 that could be re-set with the odometer button,my memory could be thinking of another car though,post back year model.

Finally getting back, thanks everyone for your input. Searched Google and found a couple of options.

My owner’s manual has the reset protocol, as does my daughter’s.

All cars need a single button on the dash that will clear all warnings, codes, lights at the command of THE OWNER! A one touch “make it go away” button.

I learned how to reset a '98 Volvo, it was like turn the key on and off three times and then step on the brake, or maybe click your heels together 3 times … Oh well, I forget. Most mfg’s do not put this item in the owner’s manual. A BMW service manual for your year and model should have it. Perhaps a google search or a BMW owner’s forum will have it.

On mine I have to turn the key to the “on” position and hold the button in while watching five little dashes blink and disappear one by one. The only problem is that it’s almost impossible to hold the button down without having my hand directly in front of and blocking the five blinking dashes!

Not in the manual, BMW wants their dealers to do this kind of thing, not you. But, there is a tool, it’s inexpensive, and you can buy it from Peake Research, either directly or through a tuner shop such as Turner Motorsport. I’d go ahead and get the one that’s also a code reader, so you can tell what’s going on with your car. It’s more expensive, but will both read and reset engine codes and reset the service indicators. It also comes with a book that actually tells you what those cryptic BMW-proprietary codes mean. If it’s just the reset you want, get the cheap tool.

DON’T try the stuff you find posted online that tells you to jumper certain pins on the OBD connector, play games with the key and various buttons, etc. It may work – but if you screw up, you’ll fry the engine computer. It’s big bucks for a new one!

Get the tool.


Bob in San Francisco