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Chevy Blazer service engine soon starting to flash?

My dad has a chevy blazer 2002 or 2003. About over a year or two ago the service engine soon light came on. Since he used to be a mechanic he thought it could be an O2 censor; so he took it in to the Midas in our town and they also believed it was the O2 sensors and they both were replaced. The next day lo-and-behold the service engine soon light comes back on. Being the stubborn man my father is he said he would fix it himself and never got to it since the part to scan the car was to expensive and what-not. When my dad was driving me to campus for move-in day (35 min drive) I noticed the service engine soon light started to flash rapidly for what seemed like a whole minute. Eventually it stopped, I asked on a board on a different site but everyone kept on saying that the O2 need to be fixed or maybe because there was so much pressure on the car since it was carrying a lot of stuff as in a mini fridge that isn’t very mini or that it has over 160,000 miles on it. I’m just worried because it is the only car we have and I don’t want it to abruptly stop in the middle lane on the NJ turnpike at night. And he can’t bring it to our mechanic because since the service light is on my dad can’t get a new inspection sticker. Can anyone help me kinda figure out what my dad can do; it would mean the world to me if someone can help since I don’t speak car lingo :slight_smile:

Take it to an Autozone and have them read the codes. Then post the codes here.

As an owner of a 2000 Blazer you have my sympathy. Autozone or Advance Auto will read the codes for free. Once you have the codes (P0xxx), post back with them and we should be able to help.

Here’s a link with a list of OBDII codes

Note, a flashing check engine light is serious, ignoring it can lead to serious damage.

Thank you both so much!! I’m just worried that when we take it to Advance Auto because we have the expired inspection sticker they will have the car towed or make my dad get it fixed right then and there. But if we can get the code and go I will definitely post them! Thank you!!

Parts stores are not in the law enforcement busines, nor do they look at inspection stickers. They are not in the car repair diagnostics business, so they have no leverage to do anything other than provide you with the codes and hope that that service may translate into some additional business form them.

A flashing check-engine light means damage is being done. It’s a bad idea to drive it when the light is flashing.

Some of the conditions that cause a steady check-engine light will reduce gas mileage. I’m hoping you didn’t throw too much money away needlessly over the past year or two.

If you bring it to a mechanic, use a real mechanic, not an outfit like Midas (although it should have gone back to them when you paid them and they didn’t fix the problem).

My former vehicle was a 2001 Sonoma with a vortec v6, which may be a similar engine configuration to your blazer, though I am not certain.

I had a very similar problem to yours, with a flashing check engine light. As other posters have indicated, that is really bad. Do not drive it.

My truck was suffering from a multi cylinder misfire.

My mechanic replaced the plugs, wires, and an oxygen sensor. That fixed the problem for a while, but it came back. Ultimately, he had to replace the fuel injectors, and that solved the problem.

Since your sticker is expired, I would have it towed to a mechanic. Get it fixed. Then, take it somewhere to be inspected ( or better yet, maybe the mechanic can inspect it for you). You will probably fail the inspection, because the vehicle’s computer will not have accumulated enough data for the emissions test (assuming that is part of your inspection).

I don’t know what new jersey’s laws are, but in Massachusetts, if you fail your inspection, you get something like 30 days to fix it, and in the interim they give you a temporary sticker indicating you failed, and when you need to have the vehicle reinspected.

If you drive the vehicle regularly for a couple of weeks, you should build up enough mileage for your computer to be fully reset. Then you should be able to pass the inspection.

P0175 I believe this was the code I was givin. It read, fuel system too rich @ Bank 1. Where do I start? I have only checked for visually for vacuum line leaks, and have not found any.

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