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Service engine soon light on 1996 Chevy Blazer

Today when I was travelling in my 96 Blazer, the service engine soon light came on. Then after I made a stop, then began to accelerate, the transmission made a “jump” when shifting from 1st to second gear. I pulled off and took the battery terminal loose to reset the computer. It was fine again for about 20 miles before the same pattern. Any suggestions?

Service the engine soon. :slight_smile:

(Many auto parts stores have a code reader that they will hook up to your car’s computer to see if you have any trouble codes set. That may give you some clues. I can make a pure guess, and say that your transmission is failing, and the computer detected a problem and set a code for you. But you need actual information.)

The light comes on to warn you of a malfunction, which you are clearly having if the transmission is not shifting properly. We would need the code(s) read. Hopefully I am wrong, but it sounds an awful lot like an internal transmission failure, just from the sound of it.