Serpentine belt length

I recently went to a quick oil change shop and they informed me that I needed my serpentine belt changed. I said “go ahead”. My vehicle takes a 960K6 which is 96 in long. They for some reason wound up putting in a 6K970 which is an inch longer. Will this cause problems? Thanks.

If the ribs on the belt are identical to the proper one, and the tensioner is able to maintain proper tension on the belt, there won’t be any problem. I would think that a belt an inch too long would cause the tensioner to not put the correct amount of tension on the belt and you’ll hear some slippage.

A belt that is an inch longer than what was specified by the vehicle’s manufacturer is not appropriate for that vehicle. As has already been said, you will likely get slippage, and will have to replace the belt. Hopefully you will replace it before the slippage results in a dead battery.

I guess that this is just one more example of the ultimate price that one pays for patronizing a quick oil change place. For your sake, I hope that they did not also install an oil filter or an air filter that was “sort of correct”.

For the well-being of both your vehicle and your wallet, please stop using a quick lube place.

I’m with VDC all the way on this. Emphatically.
Get the right belt installed…at an independently owned and operated shop.

Avoid these quickie lube places like the H1N1. You have no idea how many disasters get posted here due to their “work”. Use your newfound shop for your routine maintenance.

Get the correct belt installed, no if’s and’s or but’s! It is designed to be a certain length for a reason. Have the shop put the correct belt on at no charge to you. Next time it would be wise to go to a Chevy dealer or an independent shop.

It won’t cause problems now, but when it stretches and comes off the pulley it will. Quick pickpocket places will do anything to get the money.

Why didn’t they use the specified belt? If it’s because they didn’t have the correct size available, then the repair is kind of dubious. If it is because your vehicle has an aftermarket or junkyard replacement part that has a larger than normal pulley and a 96 inch belt will no longer fit, then the larger belt is presumably OK. … assuming, of course, that any grooves in the belt match the grooves in the pulleys.

I would return to the shop and ask them why they didn’t put the correct belt on.

And tell them to put on the correct belt or get your money back.