Serpentine belt-1996 G30 Cargo Van-350-no A/C,pb,ps,at


what should I expect to pay to have the serpentine belt replaced on my van? How much for belt only? Is one belt better than another? How much for alternator with same vehicle?




Belt is probably about $30 and should be easy to replace. Thread it around and lift up the tension pully with a breaker bar and slide the belt onto it. It’s about a 10 minute job if you have the belt handy.

I always have my alternators rebuilt. Cost is between $35 and $80 depending on what they have to do. Cleaning and replacing brushes is pretty cheap. If they have to take it apart and put diodes in it, it’s more expensive. The last new alternator I checked on was almost $200. I had mine rebuilt for $40.