Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC) Unit One Assemblage or Three disctinct Parts?

I recently visited the MB dealer in Maitland, FL to have them check out a ?Service Break, Visit Workshop? error message on my Mercedes Benz 2003 E-320.

After testing, the diagnosis is that the reservoir and pump attached to the SBC unit need to be replaced. Apparently, the SBC electronic part is covered under warranty, but mercifully it works just fine. It just needs a new SBC reservoir and SBC pump. Both parts are attached to the SBC electronic part, but not covered under the warranty; and their repair would result in a $1400 repair bill to me. I wonder if we are dealing with one SBC system, or three distinct SBC parts?

Since the entire SBC system, the three parts SBC pump, SBC reservoir, and SBC break unit, looks like a complete assemblage, I am suspicious whether the dealer told me the entire story about what is covered under warranty. They are all connected with each other; they all start with the same string of letters? It must be one SBC system, right?

Maybe not; the dealer implied that the SBC break unit is separate from the pump and reservoir. He said it is not a complete assemblage, which seems to contradict how the SBC unit looks like under the hood…

I already suggested to him to just exchange the entire SBC unit (with pump and reservoir) and charge the repair under warranty. He couldn?t do it for some bizarre reason. So, my questions are:

(i) Is the SBC unit a complete assemblage of three parts (pump, reservoir unit)? or

(ii) Does the SBC unit is apart and distinct from SBC pump and SBC reservoir?

(iii) If it is considered one assemblage of three parts, would the repair be covered under its 10 year, unlimited miles warranty?

You have just learned the true value of extended warranties…They always leave themselves a way out…While the pump is part of the ABS system, it is listed as a separate part in parts books and can be be replaced without replacing the entire unit…If your “warranty” excludes it, you are out of luck…