BMW stability control repair


The stability control light is on in my husband’s 5-series BMW. I took it to a BMW mechanic for an estimate – a mechanic I’ve never used before but they specialize in imports. The total estimate for repairs is $4600 (includes a variety of worn/leaking parts apparently)!! And about $1850 of this is for the stability control. So I’m having a little trouble breathing and my stomach’s hurting…my question is this. How cut and dried is the diagnosis? They say that the ABS/DSC hydraulic control unit is faulty and ABS pressure sensor is faulty. If I pay the dealer for a second opinion, is it possible that the diagnosis will be different? And is this estimate of $1845 appropriate for this diagnosis? I’d so appreciate some help here!

$1850 does not seem entirely out of line for a stability control system in a German luxry car. That being said I would ask for a 2nd opinion.

How old or new is this car needing $4600 in maintenance/repairs?

It’s a 2002, with about 80,000 miles on it

I would take it to the dealer. $4600 overall seems really suspect for a car this young.

I would hazard a guess that you stand a reasonable chance of correcting this problem for a lot less money. Sign up for several of the BMW enthusiast forums and search their archives for key words and your question (although I have found the Car Talk forum to be as good as any forum on the web)

Consider junk yard parts, and also look for shops that specialize in rebuilding the hydraulic control units. We had an ABS unit from a Volvo S70 rebuilt recently for a small fraction of the cost of a new one. Works just fine.

If you strike out all around, it is gut check time. ASC is really nice, but BMWs without ASC are still safe, great-handling cars. I have a '97 with the ASC out right now and I am going through the same process you are - but I promise I will not be investing $4k in that car. If I have to, I will just pull the warning light out of the dash.

Try these guys.

You choose your make in the upper left corner and then the model and year. I already checked and they can rebuild this unit, but before you do you should check wiring. More specifically hot lead and ground as well as class 2 data line (I don’t know the com system in this vehicle. do some research.) Is the ABS light on as well?

If you don’t feel confident doing any of this your self find a mechanic and get a second opinion, but if it turns out that it is the EBCM that is bad these guys are the way to go.

Good luck let us know what you find out.

Ooh… I just looked again there is quite a few different EBCM’s that could be in this car you will have to look and see which one it is.