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Sensitive sensors

Working on a '12 Kia optima turbo. A varmit ate wires under the hood at the connectors. The signal wire to the starter was the first victim. Then the vacuum pump harness, alternator, a wheel speed wire, and cooling fan wires.
So I had a brake light and abs illuminated on the dash. P2110, p2101,po123,po222,po638,p2118.
When the wirring was repaired the car finally started. There was no throttle response and the car idled up to 1500rpm with no response from the go pedal accept when i would floor it the the idle would stumble.
Is it possible that multiple system faliures abs wire, vacuum pump could cause these permanent throttle body codes?
At one point the TB was unplugged while engine was running to see if there was a difference. Could I of possibly fried the etc circuits and I’m over thinking this?
Or could the multiple brake system failures lock out the throttle body?