2008 Ford Explorer - Still getting codes

i have a 2008 ford explorer i replaced the throttle body and gas pedal and its still giving me the same codes p2135 p2104 p2111

Those 3 codes plus the fact you replaced the TB and the pedal assembly lead me to think the wiring harness is damaged or the engine computer has a problem. Look to the wiring first. BUT a scan of the various throttle by wire systems and the operation of the engine in general is the first place to start.

If you can’t scan data and understand its meaning, it is time to bring in a pro.


Good advice above, these codes could indicate a serious safety concern. From what I can tell (assuming you have the v6 4.0 L engine) the computer is confused b/c the two sensors which independently sense the throttle position (how much your foot is pressed on the gas pedal) don’t agree with each other. When working properly they should always agree. Manufacturers often use two independent throttle position sensors as a fail-safe to mitigate the possibility of driver-unintended accelerations. Any of the wires to those sensors could be shorted together, shorted to ground, shorted to the reference voltage, etc, in addition to just a faulty sensor, among other possibilities. The other two codes seem like they related to the actual throttle plate position but may be just result of the first one. Suggest to ask your mechanic to carefully verify the operation of the two throttle sensors and figure out why they aren’t matching up with each other.

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