Losing power randomly when driving

I have an 07 explorer that has developed an new problem. While driving, I lose all throttle, regardless of whether I’m accelerating or just cruising along. I’ve checked the vacuum lines and fuels filter and pump to no avail. It. Has progressed from a once a week to the point that it’s not drivable. Any ideas?

Have it scanned for codes as a first step. I’m assuming the engine drops to an idle and will not rev?

If so, there could be a problem with the electronic throttle body.

Even with no light on?

to answer your question, it idles down and I cannot rev unless I gas it.

Yes, a code may be present even with the CEL not being illuminated. It’s also possible to have a fault exist with no codes present.

The throttle body should be electronic so it’s a drive by wire type. I believe there are also a number of complaints about throttle body failures and there may even be a NHTSA investigation going on about this. NHTSA investigations sometimes lead to Recalls but the wheels often turn very slowly on things like this so I wouldn’t hold my breath while this is going on.

Like ok4450 stated above, your car has an electronic throttle, the “drive by wire” systems you hear about. They are simple and straightforward in operation and are easily diagnosed and repaired. It could also be a problem with one of the sensors for your engine. Ask your friends and neighbors for a recommendation to a local independent garage. They’ll be able to help you.