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Car oil

Is there really any difference in oil for high mileage cars then makers other oils?

If so what is it that makes it supposedly better?

High mileage oils are supposed to have some additives that help swell old seals, but I have found no discernable difference. I noticed zero differences when I used high mileage oil, so I go with a good brand,usually on sale, in the appropriate grade for my cars.

It’s mostly “shelf-space” and another way to “up-sell” you into buying a product with a higher profit margin.

High mileage oil MAY help reduce oil leaking. Nothing more. If you don’t have a problem, don’t try and fix it.

Go to and ask them.

Thanks everyone for your input. I kind of thought it was a gimmick but wanted to hear what others thought.

I have 2 high mileage cars with minor oil oozing. I started using high mileage oils. It helped one of those cars, and made little to no difference to the other.

So as J.E.Meehan said, it MAY help.

If you change your own oil, the cost difference is negligible if you go for the “oil change” sales (normally 5qts + filter for $xx.99).

It is kind of a gimmick since the label suggests a car with 75,000 or more miles is a high mileage vehicle. Today’s cars should not leak oil at such a young age. Most of today’s cars should reach at least 125,000 miles before they start leaking oil.

Yes, I’d agree that the 75K part is probably a gimmick - unless there’s some possibility that there is an “over time” kind of benefit, which I seriously doubt. I’m over 120K on both the cars I use it in.

I guess it depends on the car.

I’ve kept 5 vehicles past the 250k miles mark without ever needed this oil. No leaks …never burned one drop of oil. If a vehicle develops leaks then it might be worth considering. I don’t see the need to be proactive about it.