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Selling Used Tires

I want to give a few used (almost new) tires to a church for their yard sale. I do not know, other than the car they were originally used on, what other cars they might fit. They are nice tires, so I want someone to have them.

Is there a site where I can find such information? There seems to be plenty of sites that will tell me what brands make that size of tire, but none that tell me what cars these specific tires will fit. Thanks for your help.

research them on and sell them on


You would be doing a long search to identify all the vehicles that would use your tires. Tire shops start by make and model of car. you could visit one and just run through the whole list, if they let you.

It’s best to just list the size on a piece of paper and tape it to the tires. Whoever will buy them must know what size their current tires are.

Typically, cars of a certain size range, such as mid-size with 15" wheels will have the same size range in tires. A V6 might have one size larger tires than a 4 cylinder.

You don’t need to worry about which vehicles the tires will fit.

Anyone interested in buying them will check their size and decide whether or not they match the size the buyer needs.

Thanks, everyone.

Wish me luck.