Snow Tire Questions

I have a 2004 Saturn Ion Coupe: Tires R15

My mother who recently sold her BMW was going to give me her snow tires: Tires R16 for my car…Does anyone know if these will fit? Do I have any hope?

No, they will not fit.

By the way, before even considering options we’d need to know the entire tire size. A 195/40x16 is an entirely different size tire than a 215/60x16. They aren’t even close.

so there may be hope?? Thanx for respondin

Small hope. It looks like the BMW tires fit 16 inch wheels and the Saturn has 15s. At minimum you would have to buy wheels. Give the tire sizes.

They will not fit your rims no matter what else. The what else will depend on the full size information as well as the load rating of the free tyres and what load rating your car requires. Without full tyre sizes and load rating information not one can really tell you.

No, there’s no hope.

You may find a visit to educational. They have a good primer on wheels and tires.

Sell the tires, and apply what you get for them towards a proper size set. I had a perfect set of 14" snowtires which I ended up giving away since they would not fit my next car when cars returned to 15" wheels.

Some people get a drivers license and they are shown how to put gas in the car…and they think that’s all they need to know to drive a car…This is BASIC knowledge that EVERYONE who owns a car SHOULD know. I suggest you open your owners manual and read.