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Selling a Saturn Vue airbag module

I was too confident that I knew why my horn stopped on my 04 Saturn Vue and prematurely bought an $800 airbag module that I don’t need. I’m wondering if you have any recommendations for selling this brand new part? I don’t expect to get all the money back, but recouping some would be great. Thanks for any help,


ebay or craigslist


Sorry, I meant something outside of eBay or CraigsList, since those are the two most obvious places to start. I haven’t gotten any action on my craigslist ad but haven’t gone the eBay route yet (since I never have used it for selling and am a little hesitant). Any creative ideas, or places I should look for interested parties, would be greatly appreciated.

Can’t you return the unused airbag module to the place you bought it?

No, Ourisman Chevy in VA has a strict “no returns” policy on anything that has electronics in it. Saturn saw fit to package the horn with the airbag (there’s no separating the two without major surgery) so it falls under that policy.