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Reparing 2003 Saturn Vue Horn

I blew my horn on a cold day it continued to blow after I released the horn pad. I had to remove the horn fuse to stop the blowing. I have tested the fuse and horn relay both are fine.Also no codes show up. The horn switch and air bag are one unit which is very expensive to replace.I was wondering if I could bypass the factory horn switch/ air bag unit with an after market wiring kit so the horn will work. Or is there some other solution.

You could do this, but it may not be legal in your state.

I’ve done this before. There is a kit that allows you to mount a button on the side of the steering column. I don’t know if its legal, but some Ford products in the early 1980’s as standard equipment had the horn switch set up so that you honked the horn when you pushed in the turning signal lever. I don’t see any difference between that and a button mounted on the side of the steering column.