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Parts car?

I got a vue last month. V6 motor, runs fine, almost new tires for cheap. <$500 but the rear cat pipe is messed up due to prior owner removing flex pipe. Found an identical vue that sellers ad caught my eye. Same model, motor. Has a complete new exhaust. Including all cats. New tires. New springs and struts. New timing belt which unfortunately failed and motor is bad now. He wants 400 also. Said he put 2500 in fixes since its kids car. I can get a rear cat for $150 on eBay. Should I just pass on this parts rig? I hate to pass up a good deal. Isn’t that how hoarding starts?

Yes… BUT if you can do the work to swap over the “new” parts from the parts Vue and then scrap out the parts car, you will be money ahead for sure. The key to avoiding BEING a hoarder is to get that job done quickly, say a month or 2 and then ridding yourself of the parts car before your neighbors show up at your door with torches and pitchforks. :slight_smile:


What @Mustangman said. You have the need for some of the parts right now, if you have the space, ability, and time to swap them all out in a short amount of time, then have the rest hauled away, I’d do it.

It sounds like a good idea to me for the price. Just scrap the rest when your Vue is fixed.

For a parts source it sounds cheap enough so I’d go for it. You might look it over and offer 300. Nothing wrong with a little negotiation. The seller is obviously wanting to be rid of it so the pressure is on him; not you.

That brings up the question about the timing belt in your current car.

yes, I am unsure of my current vues belt age. I had a sedan I sold this week. the vue was my spare car. I had both for sale and was going to keep 1. sedan sold in 5 hrs on CL. had 2 folks that wanted my vue sight unseen. I am curious to see state of heads if I yank them.

got it for 300. Main reason I bought it. All new exhaust

I think you can keep the parts car. As long as you get rid of both cars when you can’t keep the one running, its not hording. If the day comes where there are two dead Vue’s in the yard and you are driving a different car, then your a hoarder.

Assuming the previous owner mailed in a “release of liability” . . . isn’t the dmv going to wonder why the car hasn’t been registered and titled, or why a “notice of planned non-operation” hasn’t been filed

In my state, no.