Selling a Junker - What options are available in Boston?

I have a Mazda MX-6 that’s been in the driveway for 4+ years; the engine had an oil leak and blew. The tires are now flat (didn’t put it up on blocks). Before it died, had just had the brakes done. Now, it’s a very large paperweight that I need to get rid of, but would like to find a place that buys junk cars in the Boston area. Any recommendations? Cautions? Other options?

List it on craigslist under “Free Stuff” or call a charity and donate it. You will need the title.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

…I’ll probably have to have the title re-issued. No idea where it is at the moment.

Do you know if there’s any good service that would pay for the thing ~and~ haul it off – I’d like to try to get something for it. I’ve seen a bunch of sites (some scary) that say they’ll pick up and pay for junk vehicles; was hoping to find out if there’s any recommended type of operation in MA near Boston that does that. I’ve seen “Pick and Pull” sites, for example, that seem to be serious. (

Any familiarity with them?

The steel in it is worth about $100/ton. The rest is a disposal problem…The junkie who hauls it off has to make a living too…And you want a piece of the action? There just isn’t enough action…Old cars with blown engines have zero value sitting in your driveway. Stripped, cleaned, shredded and loaded in a railcar, it’s worth $210/ton. But that’s a LONG ways from what is sitting in your driveway…

I recently had a Olds Intrigue with a blown transmission hauled away. They gave me $150 cash for it. Chuckran’s auto parts in Bridgewater or East Bridgewater MA. Not sure if they’d go as far as Boston though.

Donate to one of your local charitable causes and get a tax deductible receipt.


Donate it to the local auto shop class-the kids will have a ball with it-Kevin