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Junk yards Boston

I need a door part for my 96 Geo Prizm, but I don’t want to order it new. Where are there some junkyards in the Boston area?

search google for
“junk yards boston” and you get a large list of them.

I can’t speak about Boston specifically, but a junkyard is a pretty real-estate intesive undertaking and the ones inside major urban areas tend to be dismantlers, which can be really pricey. You’ll probably be better off expanding your search to rural areas where you can find a cheapo you-pull-it-yard. Definitely a “drive a little, save a lot” situation.

If you need a outside door handle they only cost about $25.00 for a new after market one.

You might find one on line. eBay Motors has lots of stuff for just about any car.

route 28 in middleboro. there are two brothers (Zion) who have their own yards side by side. i have always had good luck at one or the other. there is a third just up the street (don’t know the name)

Robertson’s is down at the lower end of 495. they are pretty pricey though.

what is it you are looking for anyway? side mirror? window regulator? some items the JY wont part out of a door. they want to sell the WHOLE door slab (usually around $400) the problem is, for parts, the doors are usually either in excellent condition, and are taken out whole, or they are bashed in, (usually open and have water damage) which makes the parts less reliable.