Selling a 4 month old 2008 Prius

I bought a black 2008 Prius, at 5.5% back in April. My monthly is about $480. I am moving to NYC and looking to sell my car. What is the best way to optimize on this situation? Should I wait until the gas prices rise again?

try ebay.

The Prius is in high demand. Tere is no reason to wait for anything, just don’t expect to get what you paid for it. Your Prius is a USED car, and it’s worth whatever a used Prius is worth, which is, what someone is willing to pay, and right now people are paying top dollar for any used Prius.

Good luck.

I wouldn’t wait, hoping for higher gas prices. Toyota’s increasing production, so Prius prices could drop. Also, the 2009s will be out very shortly, so your 2008 will automatically take a drop.

Talk to the selling dealer. He has people waiting on line to buy them and can get you the best price…Keep in mind you don’t really own the car…