Brand New or Year old New



I am about to buy a Toyota Prius. The question is a 2007 for 22500 or an 08 for 23000? Is $500 an appropriate discount for a year old new car?


I would buy the 2008 Prius. A 2007 becomes one year old when the 2008 automobiles appear. Even if you plan to run the car into the ground, if insurance would have to replace the car in a couple of years, the 2008 would be worth more than the 2007.


Get the one you can get the best price on. Is that $500 AFTER you negotiated a deal??? It really doesn’t matter if you keep the vehicle many years. If you plan on selling it in 2-3 years then get the 2008.


The $500 difference is best price on two identical cars (except for color) with one being an 07 on the lot and the other an 08 that will arrive in 2 weeks. We like the 08 color (Blue) better but could live with the black 07 .


If the difference is only $500, take the new one.

Black cars get REALLY hot when parked in the sun, which works the AC harder, which works the engine harder, which uses more fuel.


On hot, trendy, popular cars, buy the 2008 model. $500 is not a big enough discount to accept a year old model. If it was a Cavalier, the mark-down would be closer to $3500.

Some dealers are now well stocked with Prius models, so shop around for a better price…