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We own a 2007, Prius with 43,000 miles. We love it, but have been thinking of trading for a 2010 Prius II. Friends have been saying we haven’t gotten the full value of the Prius. Should sell at 60K or more.

What do you think, guys?

PS: listen every Saturday on KNAU…great show…lots of fun.

Thanks, Jacob

we haven’t gotten the full value of the Prius

What exactly do you mean by that? I would guess you have not gotten the full value of any car as long as that car can serve your needs.

Why do you want to change cars? If you want to reduce your cost of ownership of a car, you keep it until it drops dead. Start thinking of repair cost in terms of the number of car payments it represents. When you get to the point that the repairs are more than car payments, then think about getting a new or newer car.

As for what to sell your car for; sell it for as much as you can.

Remember to keep the trade in cost etc. new car cost, financing etc. each separate so you can make intelligent decisions without everything getting too confusing.

Good Luck.

If you love the car, you should keep it. You put on a little less than 15,000 miles per year. As reliable as the Prius is, you should be able to keep it for another 100,000 miles (7 years) at least. It should still have decent resale value compared to other 2007 cars in 7 years.

Friends have been saying we haven’t gotten the full value of the Prius.
I think they’re right. You do still “love” it ?

Several cities on the West Coast are using Prius cars as taxis. The lowest mileage one that was traded in had 300,000 miles on it!!! And it still had the original battery. Agree with others, a Prius is a long term purchase if you want to save on overall car ownership cost. The car will certainly be reliable up to 200,000 miles.

If you bought the car as a social statement, then, by all means, buy another one and let someone less wealthy profit from your sale, and be a good environmental citizen.