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A question for Frank -- need help in buying a new Prius wirhin a reasonable amount of time


Help! I want to buy a new Prius and:

1) some of the dealers I’ve contacted are telling me that there is a 2 month wait and I have to put down $500 to reserve a car. Friends, in the meantime, are telling me they’ve heard that the wait is 6 months.)

2)other dealers are telling me that they have them in stock and to come in right away. (the dealers’ websites also list them.)

Except for you, I really hate car salespeeps. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

So, please tell me if the above scenarios are real and if you have any advice.

Also, is it kosher to ask readers for recommendations of ethical Toyota salespeople in Mass or NH?


…is it kosher to ask readers for recommendations of ethical Toyota salespeople in Mass or NH?

It might be more practical to speak to the sales manager at a dealership and ask her or him to recommend a salesperson who will treat you like a fellow human being instead of prey. Most dealerships have one or two salespeople like this.

I’m not Frank, but here in Dallas both of those are true. Some (few) dealers are selling them at sticker price, they immediately sell out, so it’s waiting list time. Others tack on $2,000-$5,000 over list, so they have some on the lots, at a (very) high price. Not worth it, to me, there’s a hybrid hysteria, and particularly a Prius hysteria, resulting in prices that erase the value of the gas savings.

I bought my Toyota at Rockingham Toyota in Salem NH. They were OK… I walked out of the Ira Toyota dealer…the salesman was a total sleaze.

If a dealer says they have them in stock…why don’t you drive there and find out. They actually might. I hate to tell you this…but in order to buy a car you may actually have to visit a dealer.

I would ask six to ten different car dealers by email, and ask for bottom line, exact price info. Anyone who doesn’t answer with a price gets weeded out. Then decide if you can make a deal with one or not. Don’t be bashful, regardless of the popularity of the car.

RE: Paying Sticker Price - I bought a new Civic (gasser, not hybrid) last year and paid sticker price. I even walked out of the dealership when they told me there would be no discounts - the cars are moving like hotcakes, take it or leave it. There was only one available on the lot anyway. I came back the next day and bought it.

Who the heck is Frank???

As you can see, the playing field isn’t level amongst car dealerships. Some will have the car, others will have to order. If you can wait for a car, see if you can use the waiting period for leverage on the price.