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Sell or Keep 07 Nissan Sentra

Bought an 07 Nissan Sentra for 4,000
6 month in I had to replace the catalytic converter
Then 2 months later catalytic converter back fire and ruin my engine
Replaced… Engine, catalytic converter, oxygen sensor and a black box I was told was the brain of the car… Paid $3000 for all this under 3 month warranty
Now the question is I want to get rid of this car and wanted to know if it’s worth selling at 5-6,000 or would I have better luck trading it in at a dealer?
A/c fan is broken
Everything else works…at 160,450 miles

So many questions, far too much work to answer.

I’'ll get to the meat of your post. Your car is worth $1500 at the very best if you sell it yourself per Trade in would be maybe $800.

Kelly Blue Book puts this thing at 3000.00 tops. So you are not going to get 5000.00 for it . Look at trade in price and it is really low. Besides you have a broken fan . Also we don’t even know what level of trim you have so I just used the middle level . Also area of the country makes a difference .

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