Volvo v70 2002 repair cost for front catalytic convertor and oxygen sensor

I recently got a 2002 Volvo V70 now has 130,000 miles on it. Recently, the check-engine light has been coming on, My mechanic tested it and said that my front catalytic converter’s efficiency is to be replace with oxygen sensor. The repair is $2,400, and the blue-book value of the car is only $3,000. So, what should I do? Keep the car and pay $2,400 to replace the converters when the time comes, or sell it now, while it is still passing its emissions tests? — mayoda

You could just have a bad O2 sensor. I would try replacing them first. Selling it without disclosing the problem would be wrong.

Value of the car ??
When you’re selling a car that has a known repair pending it is NOT valued at that price.
That value is a working used car.
But wait there’s more.
If you’re intending to keep it there’s no such thing as the ‘‘value’’ of the car.
it needs fixed…fix it.
keep it.
Same as the cost all the other repairs it has and will need to keep it viable.
you don’t count that, it’s the cost of ownership ( it is after all a Volvo…cha-ching ) which normaly far exceeds any resale value anyway.

What’s the value, to you , of a properly functioning vehicle ? Are you therefore going to do nothing because you don’t want to spend out any money against its ‘‘value’’ ?
Tune ups
oil changes
wash and wax
timing belt
fluid flushes
windshield and other broken glass
Just what else do intend not to fix on this car ?

For your peace of mind about that being the minimum needed repair, get a second diag and estimate.

Might have gotten it wrong but depending on what engine you have, either $340 or $675 at Rockauto. Welcome to the world of Volvo. “Needs $2400 in repairs. Should I sell it now?” No comment on that but it may affect your sleep patterns.

I’ll go a little off-topic here

You guys are “pushing your luck” by implying Volvos are not the best automobiles, to put it nicely. I did the same and got VICIOUSLY reprimanded.

I’m still seeing stars . . .


Better stars than dollar signs. How many times have we heard a similar story though?

I interpret the Volvo comments not that there is anything wrong with the quality of the car or its parts, but that repairs are a bit more expensive than on more widely sold cars. A Volvo isn’t an econobox and I expect most Volvo owners buy one precisely for that reason.

I wonder how much Irv has spent on maintenance of his 66 Volvo over the last 3,000,000 miles. The car looks like new.

He was on the Today Show in 2002 when he passed 2 million miles, so in the last 11 years he has put on another million miles. That’s 350 miles a day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks per year. And he claims that he did every mile. And I thought I did a lot of driving.

OP said they recently bought car. did they pay 3k? did the check engine light come on 1 day after they bought it? did they know about the cat issue before they bought it? ok, you buy car for 3k and it needs 2k in work the next day, week, month. what do you do? walk away? fix it?

Great point stoveguy.
What IF the previous owner is playing that game ? getting the cel to be off for a while full well knowing why it’s on.
Sounds like the op may have an issue with the seller.

Is there a way for a scanner to know if the cel has previously been on for the same ?