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Repair or Sell

I have a 2004 Nissan Sentra 1.8 with 80770 miles. Since paying it off two years ago, I have made numerous reapairs, including a crank sensor, ball joints on both driver and passenger side, and an ignition issue, totally about $3,000.00.

Now, the head gasket is leaking coolant into engine block, causing a misfire in the 3rd cylinder. The repairs have been quoted to me at $1718.00, plus new tires for a total of $2300.

I was told this is a common problem with the Sentra.

My question is, do I sell or repair the car? I live in an urban area and am thinking that taking public transportation through the summer would be a nice break from the car drama.

I’d suggest trying the public transit option for a week; it may suit you perfectly, or you could find it terribly burdensome to be dependent. You’re lucky to have the option, but if you find it’s not for you - well, that would indicate time for more investment in a vehicle (whether it’s this one or not.)

Neither $2300 or $5300 would have gotten you a better used car with an unknown maintenance history. I wold go ahead and keep the car, and repair it. However, I would shop for a quality indepenent mechanic to do the work; same for the tires. Depending on who price you the tires, they may be had cheaper at wholesale clubs, or other tire shops.

Of the items you list, I would consider the head gasket and possibly the crank sensor issue as premature and out of norm for this type of car. You also need to check into when/if you require a timing belt replacement, at about $500 or so.