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Sell It or Keep It?

Hello all,

I’m pondering a decision on my car and need other opinions. I have a 1996 Acura Integra with around 146,000 miles on it. I bought it new and am the only owner. I’ve taken great care of the car and its rewarded me with having very few problems in the 14+ years I’ve had it.

On to the point. The rack and pinion went out on it a couple of weeks ago. I went with new parts, which costed me more than I care to admit.

This event is the first that has got me wondering about the future of it and how long I’m going to be keeping it. I absolutely love the car, and am also enjoying not having a car payment.

You would think that my “dream car” would be a $40,000 - 50,000 sports car, but it’s not. It’s actually within my reach. It’s the Integra’s successor, the RSX.

As you know, Acura no longer makes the RSX as of 2006. That’s the bad news. The good news is that there are still some late year great quality RSXs still out there for sale.

Thus my dilemma. Do I :

1. Move on from the repair and hope that it was the last for a while. Then when the next big repair hits, I turn in my wings and sell it as is if I can’t afford it. Or,?

2. Sell it now with a clean bill of health and a clear conscience and get my dream car?

Blue Book has it at about $1,600 - 1,700 for its condition, but I feel fairly confident that I can get more because it is a very sought-after model. It has been “hit on” three times. Not HIT, but HIT ON. In other words, in some way, at least three people have expressed genuine interest in it.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Go for it ! You got very reasonable service from this purchase; hand it over (trade) and let the next in line run it into the ground. Look for the car of your “dreams”.
Otherwise, even though the name plate of RSX is no longer around, I’m sure that type of car is. You can find a new equivalent I’m sure.

My first question to you is: Have you actually driven the RSX?

I ask because a lot of Integra owners were very disappointed in the RSX. Its handling is not going to be as good as you’re used to in the Teg - the move away from the double wishbone suspension setup to a less expensive one had definite impacts on the car’s tossability.

That said, the second question is whether or not you’re willing to trade your car, where you know its entire maintenance history and whether or not it was abused, for a car where you do not.

If the answer to both of the above is yes, and you can afford it, then go ahead. - - And you’re right about being able to get more than that for your car. That’s a nice number of miles for that year, and especially if you have a GS-R you’ll find plenty of people who would love to give it a new home.

BTW, if you want the new version of the RSX, get the Civic Si. The Integra/RSX were always just rebadged Civics with bigger motors.

You can expect some more repairs due to the age of your car. But, if you like it that much, a new steering rack after 14 years isn’t to bad at all. I’m sure your Integra still has a lot of use left in it. You’ll have more repairs in the next 14 years than your last 14. Mostly the car will continue to be fun to drive and gets pretty good mpg too.

If you are ready for something new, can’t blame you for going for a trade. This sounds like one of those cars that after you’ve parted with it ten years later you’ll wish you still had it.

I’ve always thought the RSX was a very attractive car in many ways, and I can see why you’d want one.

Talk to your insurance agent, however, before you buy an RSX. It’s my understanding the RSX is one of the most expensive cars in the US to insure.

Apparently they get wrecked and stolen quite often, and therefore have a high loss rate for the insurance companies.

I think saving your money is a good idea. Keep driving the Integra. If you’ve cared for it properly, as you say, it should last another 100K miles.

Not without cost, but it should last.

I have a '97 CL with just over 100K miles. I plan to keep it as long as possible.

Unless I fall into a spectacular deal on a Honda S2000.

you need more information in order to make your choice. Get a known good mechanic to go over the major parts, suspension, transmission, engine, and give you a detailed evaluation of the condition of your Acura. Then price the timing gear/chain-belt, water pump, starter, brake job, shocks, alternator, ect. and you will be much better able to gauge the expenses for the next 50k miles to determine the useful value to you of this amazing car.

If you wanted a new Civic Si, then take a look at the Mazdaspeed 3.
The Speed 3 has way more torque a several more ponies under the hood than the Si, but has just a little less mpgs. 263hp@5500 rpms/280tq@3000 rpms with 18/25/21 city/highway/combined versus 197hp@7800 rpms/138tq@ 6100 rpms with 21/29/24 city/highway/combined

Take a look at an Infiniti G35 or G37. They are excellent cars, and may satisfy your interests. The current model is the G37. I would not classify the RSX (or TSX) as a real competitor for the BMW 3-series, but the Infiniti’s are. Hey, check out a Bimmer 328i. See what everyone is comparing themselves to.