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93 Acura Integra, keep it or sell it?

My wife wants to replace my son’s 93 Integra, and I think we should keep it and put some money into it. It’s in very good condition with 150K. Needs AC repair and a new paint job, but mechanically has had lots of updates (suspension, etc.) My son likes his car, and would only want another Integra or RSX (or similar), so why not keep this one and restore it to tip top condition???

Your son doesn’t need AC or nice paint. Kids are supposed to drive beaters!

I had a 91 Integra and traded it in at 215k. The only issue I had was one of the front CV joints failed around 160k. Great car, but it started to rust around the wheel wells…

Thanks for both replies on the Integra, got a laugh on the “heater” comment. Well, again, this 93 runs great and has all new front end suspension and drive system (axles/CV joint, etc.) with 150K. Our reliable mechanic shop says it’s worth keeping (of course they like the repair work, too.) So, come on you two . . . keep it or not??