Seen Any Tesla's?


Agreed. And, there’s a certain cool factor that appeals to more of an urban demographic.


I had to venture to Minneapolis today and lo and behold I saw a Tesla. No idea what kind but he was in a hurry to get downtown. I still say the styling is stale.


I have seen them (like one) if I’m on a trip. I don’t see them around home (NE TN).


A bunch of Teslas over here in SF Bay Area, they are everywhere in Norcal. Also tons in China too, people love it there.


One of the reasons EVs are popular in California urban areas is that the state has ended carpool lane privileges and express lane and bridge discounts for hybrids, but still gives them to EVs. When 5 lanes of traffic are dead stopped and the express lane is moving 50 mph day after day, that is a real selling point.

Many major cities in China have odd/even license number days to promote carpooling and reduce traffic congestion. Rich Chinese people just buy two cars and alternate. EVs are exempted from this rule, making them more cost effective and convenient for the wealthy…


I work in Broomfield, CO, and in my office parking lot, just in the past 3 weeks, 3 new Model 3’s with temp tags have shown up. The first one was Blue, the second was Red, and the third is White.

So, you’re either not working in the part of town where Model 3 owners live and work, or you don’t travel at the time of day when Model 3 drivers are zipping around the Denver Metro area on their way to work.

You need to remember that the people who are buying Model 3’s are the people who live in the suburbs, and work in the tech industries that are around the outskirts of Denver proper.


I see Tesla’s occasionally. Of course I could be seeing the same ones multiple times. Yesterday I got a Tesla 2fer. My next door neighbor’s daughter drives a white S. It was in their driveway when I left and a metallic gray one was ahead of me at a stoplight on my way home.


Being an Indiana boy, I don’t look for Tesla’s. I keep my eyes peeled for Studebakers. I have seen only one Tesla and this was at a dog day care center when I went to pick up my dog. The owner of the Tesla had an expensive purebread dog in for grooming. My rescue dog didn’t even notice the Tesla. He is just as happy to ride in a Toyota.


So do I.
A few days ago, I spied a car carrier with 4 or 5 vehicles on it. The three that I focused-on (in order) were a '53 or '54 Stude coupe, a late-model Bentley Continental convertible, and a late-model Range Rover. I don’t recall what the other vehicles were.

This is just a theory, but it could have represented the moving of a wealthy guy’s collection from one place to another.


The first Tesla I identified may have not been the first one I had seen. With the exception of the grill-less 3 they are not all that unusual looking cars. I only identified my first when I ended up behind it in a left turn lane and read Tesla. My theory is that members may have seen Tesla’s and didn’t know it.


As sgtrock stated if I have ever seen one I didn’t know it. Most car’s I need to be close enough to read the name plate to know what they are. I dought that there are any tesla’s in my area as we are very rural & I would think they would be in the big citiy’s.


Have you seen any of their X models on the road?
I see a few each week, and my only thought upon seeing them is… streamlined egg
IMHO, they are NOT good-looking!


I have seen several of the Model 3’s here in Denver. I live on the South End in Centennial and have seen at least 4 or 5 of the 3’s and a couple dozen of the other models down here.


Can’t tell one car from another.


Me either. I once climbed into a Mazda 3 instead of my Kia Forte. Same color parked in front of the same store.


I could have seen one on the road and not known it. If I saw one in a parking lot with the gullwing doors open I would have noticed. Due to the current (no pun intended) aero requirements most cars are not very good looking.


There’s is an X near my home. I’ve only seen that one though.


I would much rather have a Studebaker.


When I first started seeing Tesla’s, I was obviously seeing the same car multiple times because in the beginning, most of them had vanity plates. There is one that sports a vanity plate that reads “OPEC LOL”, I thought about getting my own vanity plate for my Yaris that reads “RANGE ANXIETY LOL” but that would be too many characters to fit on a plate.

The most Tesla’s I have seen at one time was when I was staying at a hotel in Wichita Falls TX, in the parking lot was a transport loaded with new Tesla’s.


I see them on a regular basis in Mpls. Model S is most common, a handful of model X’s. I’ve seen several model 3’s over the past month, too.