Seen Any Tesla's?


Yes, Vancouver has a lot of Teslas, as do many of the larger west coast cities. Further away, there seems to be a concentration in Norway as well for some reason. If I had to guess just based on where I typically drive, I’d say 5%-7% of the cars are Teslas. But the registration stats seem to indicated it is less than that. Maybe 1-2% in California are registered as electric cars. When I see a Tesla, it isn’t for long The zip away really fast compared to my Corolla … lol .


Not a fan of the 3’s front end:


It would look better w/round headlights imo.


Needs a grill, to me.


I agree, needs a grill. Or slope the nose down so there’s not a place for you to look at and say “Where’s the grill?”


I expect they didn’t want to use a grill b/c of wind resistance. The model 3 has a look that is similar to the old Porsche 924, maybe something like that? But w/o the pop up headlights?


I’ve seen one going through Chicago but that’s about it. He’s having lots of issues right now. The song “Puff the Magic Dragon” comes to mind.


I’ve never seen one in MS. But that’s not surprising given the rural landscape with long commutes. Plus I’ve only seen one charging station. That I’ve never seen anyone use.

Besides, people in MS tend to like to put loud mufflers on fast cars. You can’t put a loud muffler on a Tesla, can you?


Austin TX is infested with them, I can’t hardly take hwy 620 from Lake Travis to hwy 183 without seeing at least two of three of them. Sometimes you see two of them waiting at the same red light.


You haven’t seen a Tesla in Denver? I don’t even live in CO but recently drove through and saw several in Denver and some on I-70 through the mountains.

Here in Minnesota, I see them daily. Primarily S’s and X’s but the occasional 3.


All the Teslas I have seen are in photos or on TV or internet, never seen one on the road. I don’t think Buffalo is their target market. We had one town install Solar streetlights. They all went dark the first winter because of lack of sunlight. You know, sunlight is not good for your skin.


Saw three charging at the LL Bean in Freeport Me. last month. They’re probably nice if you have nowhere to go in one day.


No… I’m in the Minneapolis area.

I think they’re concentrated in urban areas because the buildout of fast chargers for long distance travel isn’t done yet.


I’ve seen a few here in NH and Northern MA. Boston has a Tesla dealer at the Pru.


At last count, there are now 5 Tesla showrooms in NJ. What really amazed me was that their new location in Springfield is less than 20 miles from their existing showroom at Short Hills Mall. Clearly, the company wouldn’t have kept expanding their sales venues in NJ if they weren’t selling enough cars in this state.


I have only seen one Tesla in East Central Indiana in the past year. However, I am usually unaware of the makes of automobiles on the road. A car has to have been made before 1960 for me to recognise the make.


I’ve seen a few Model S around south central PA. One was flying up US 222 like a bat outta hell…


I just have to look in my garage when my younger daughter is visiting.
You will soon be seeing more and more Model 3s wherever you live.
More Model 3s were delivered in the US in August than all models of BMW combined.
Also more Model 3s than Priuses were delivered in August…

Tesla Model 3 is the #1 revenue grossing passenger car in the US in August, ahead of Toyota Camry.
Model 3 revenue in August was about $1 billion, which is ~2% of the entire US auto market revenue.
Model 3 is the #1 selling EV in the US since January and #1 in the world since July.
Model 3 is the #5 best-selling passenger car of any kind in the US, beating most ICE vehicles.
Tesla remains on target for modest profits in Q3 with a $2B increase in Q3 2018 gross sales due to Model 3 revenue growth.

In August of 2018, The Model 3 reached
#18 position for all vehicles sold into the US (a market dominated by pickups and SUVs)
#5 position for passenger cars units sold in the US;
#7 position for passenger cars sold in Canada; and
#1 position for passenger cars revenue generated from US sales

On a clear day, you can see General Motors.


What a coincidence. I was nearly squashed flat today by a Model 3 during my daily walk. Partly my fault, I was walking across a sort of driveway going into an office park, instead of where I should, up at the sidewalk crossing. Its near silent operation was a factor also.


I’ve got a neighbor with a brand new Tesla 3 in the front of the house, complemented with a bright electric cord lovingly placed across the lawn… that guy has no garage and charges it from the socket by the front door :slight_smile: