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Seeking Honest and Price Perfect Mechanic in Northshore



I am in search for a magnificent mechanic in Marblehead, Salem, Lynn or Swampscott. . I moved to the northshore 2years ago from the southshore and finding a decent repair man has been the bane of my existence. I have a 99 Audi A4 that I adore and has been very good to me, she needs some major TLC.
After 4 (rude, still have the problem, ouch to my pocket) misses, I am calling in the big guns of Cartalk. Any suggestions would be truly appreciated.

Thank you

@LaCapoise why don’t you post your problems. Maybe they’re not that complicated. Perhaps an Audi specialist might read this. Or at least someone competent and experienced.

I think there’s a better way than asking here. Instead ask friends, relatives, coworkers, fellow church-goers, etc for a recommendation on which shop they use for repairing their cars. Choose a shop from that list that specializes in German cars if possible. Then tell the shop as you arrive the person’s name that offered the recommendation. The shop will have incentive to do a good job for you, as they know you’ll probably inform the other client of your experience.

What country? What state? There is a Salem, MA but think there are quite a few of them. Its a big world out there.

Bing, the other 3 cities cited make it definitive, north shore of MA. I work in that area and know a couple of very good independent mechanics. As such they can afford to specialize in certain areas. Listing the problems to be addressed would help to understand if recommending any of them would be beneficial.