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Security 2000 Chevy Venture

Yesterday my son made the drivers side seat go all the way back I put it back up got into drivers seat tried to start car and it wouldn’t start. The security light came on. Every time I turned the key back to off the radio turned on. Is this a common problem for Ventures? Did the seat have anything to do with it? Is it only going to get worse or a fluke thing. We have no owners manual on this car and have only had it 6 weeks.


for some reason you might of triped the alarm.if im not mistaken the alarm is in the radio on that should be able to reset the alarm using the radio.look in your owner manual. that will show you how to reset the alarm and settings.i know if you put the wrong key in the ignation could cause this to happen.that would reset itself in a couple minutes.nothing to do with the seat.

The poster just said she doesn’t have an owners manual.

Missy Ann, check that all the wiring connectors are tight under the passenger seat above and below the carpet.

Also, go to an automotive store and pick up a Haynes repair manual for your van. I use the same book for minor things on my 2000 Silhouette. Haynes repair manual #38036.

It cost about $20 and i know you will find it quite helpfull.

There is a wiring connector under the drivers seat that can work loose as well. If it does, you’ll see the air bag light come on on the dash.

This is if you have a power adjustable seat with the side air bags. When the light is on you will NOT have working air bags.

roadrunner read over that part about the owners manual.thanks for correcting me

No problem, it’s a moot point anyway.

I’ve found even if people do NOT read the owners manual, the book gets way-laid before the vehicle is sold.

Someone at another forum suggested locking and unlocking the passenger door from the passenger side to reset the alarm. It’s quick and cheap. Try it.