Sebring Ragtop wont start, crank, or click


I have found my all time worst PITA vehicle to work on, my wifes 00 Sebring Convertible. Never have I had to remove an oil filter to change a starter, or remove a wheel to check the battery. I could go on and on with what I have learned about this car tonight, but I wont.

My problem is, it wont start. My first thought was the battery, but she had plenty of light when I turned the headlights on. I was also unable to jumpstart it so then I started thinking starter. After alot of hassle I got the starter out and tried hitting it with my good truck battery. It ran fine. Since I already had bought a new starter I put the new one in anyway, still nothing. My 2nd thought was the ignition switch, but after reading the how to on that I decided to get more opinions. I have cleaned and tighten the cables, checked the fusible links. The only things I can think of are the ignition switch or the park/neutral safety switch. I hate chasing problems around by throwing unnecessary parts at them.

I have a fully charged battery (its probably original though. Assuming the battery isnt the problem this time it will be getting replaced within a week anyway.

Here is some more strange info I can pass along…

The headlights shine bright

The power windows and seats are a little slow

The fan motor will run strong

The radio doesnt work

When I hit the key to try to start it, I dont get any of the usual idiot light test EXCEPT the brake light comes on.

I am going to take off work today to figure this thing out, or hand over my wallet (to the mechanic) trying.

I dont think I have ever sworn off working on cars more than I have with this one (yet I still keep coming back)





Still nothing. So far I have a new starter in place. I put a new battery in it. Then I replaced the ignition switch. Next Im going to look at the park/neutral safety switch.

Any other suggestions?


I would suggest checking rather than replacing any part that you were not planning to replace anyway.

The first thing I would have checked is the voltage on the battery and next all ends of any cable attached to the battery or starter.