Sebring Convertible Ignition Impossible Condition

I have a 2001 Chrysler Sebring convertible with 91,000 miles.

It has been running fine.

My wife went into the garage & tried to start it & it did not crank. She got me.

Naturally, I tried to jump start it with our van & nothing, but I notice something very unusual: The warning indicators did not appear when I turned the ignition on.

Here is the troubleshooting info I have.

With the key on:

some things work normally: power windows, AC blower, temp indicator/compass display, PRNDL indicator, emergency flashers, headlights, power seat, power door locks

some things do not work: warning lights, power top, turn signals, radio, wipers/washer

I checked all the fuses.

When I try to crank it with the head lights on, they do not dim.

I disconnected the battery & reconnected it hoping to “reset” any computer that may have lost its mind.

I released the tilt steering column & moved it up & down with the key on, no change.

I’m, guessing something in the switch or a computer somewhere.

Sounds like the ignition switch has failed…It’s usually located on top of the steering column, down by the brake pedal arm. Not easy to get to. It’s connected to the key-lock by a long rod. That’s how MOST modern cars are set up. With others, the switch is indeed part of the key-lock…Before I condemned the switch, I would remove the fuse block, turn it over, and inspect the back side connections for melt-down or corrosion…

I agree that the ignition switch is a likely suspect. But I’d also check the owners manual if you have it for the possibility of a second fuse block someplace in the cabin. If you can read a wiring diagram, there is probably a schematic in the Haynes or Chilton manual that will show you what the common component(s) is/are for the stuff that doesn’t work.