2002 Sebring won't turn over



I have a 2002 Chrysler Sebring. I left the trunk open and the battery died. I charged the battery and the car worked fine for two days. However, then the car wouldn’t turn over. There is no sound when I turn the ignition. Another wierd fact is the radio does not work. The headlights, locks, controls, etc are all getting power. I have changed all the fuses and relays to the ignition and radio. I even removed the battery and checked it for power at Autozone. Fully powered. Curious if there are any thought on the problem. Called a couple mechanics and they think its still the battery. I have seen some information that says it could be the ignition switch or the cabling from the battery. Does anyone have any experience with this or ideas on how to fix?


A quick scan of some of the wiring diagrams shows no connection between the radio and the engine start circuit. Since the other ignition switch controlled items are working, I’ll assume (for the time being) that the ignition switch is getting power. The Power for the radio comes from always-hot fuses #5 and #14. Power for the starting circuit comes from the ignition switch START position, and goes through a park/neutral switch, maybe another switch, to the starter solenoid. The starter solenoid pulls two contacts together to allow battery power to the starter. A bad connection, anywhere along the way, can result in a no-crank, or no-start. I think you need another mechanic.