Seats Stuck in my 2006 Chevy Uplander

The previous owner of my 2006 Chevy Uplander removed the second row seats. When they tried to put them back in they engaged the rear brackets first instead of the front brackets. The seats are now stuck in the rear and will not come out. What can I do to remove them? Will I have to cut them out completely? The car was free from a family member, so I’m not complaining too much, but it’d be nice to have all 7 functional seats instead of 5.

There’s not a release lever on the seat? I doubt the problem has to do with being in the wrong row. You would probably be in the same situation if the seats were installed in the correct row.

I have been through hassles with seats, enough lever pulling and yanking they will come out.

There is no release lever for the rear brackets, only the front. When installed correctly, using the front brackets lever will remove both front and rear hooks. The seats are installed in the correct row, but they were put in backwards(hooked to rear brackets before front brackets). The rear hooks are stuck in the rear brackets and there is no release lever for the rear brackets. I have seen others have this issue with this car, but have found no answers.

How can the lever release both front and rear normally, but when only the rear is installed, that same lever won’t release just the rear?

Unfortunately, the previous owner tried to remove them with no luck. I’ve been working on them for a few days with no luck.

The front hooks need to be connected to the front brackets for the lever to work. When the seats were installed incorrectly, they were only hooked onto the rear brackets which made it seemingly impossible to even connect the front hooks to the front brackets - they won’t reach when installed incorrectly. I’m aware it’s confusing and seems to make no sense.

Is it at all like the 2007 shown in this video? Chev Uplander Rear Seat Removal - YouTube

Pretty similar to the second row in that video. I tried using that rear lever and it moves, but the hook latch isn’t budging.

I’d go to junkyard and remove seat and try to see how it latches. For clues on how to jimmy the latch

Any way to disassemble the affected parts to give you more ways to move them?

Can you share a picture?

No experience w/that problem, just guessing, If they need to move forward to effect a release, maybe a cable puller would work, tied to a front seat undercarriage.

See if you can find replacement brackets first, and then break whatever you have to to get them apart.

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Watch the video and sometimes you just have to get more aggressive or use a pry bar as suggested. Worse comes to worse, get underneath an unbolt the brackets so you can get it out and fix it.

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