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2007 Chevrolet Suburban - Jammed

Passenger power seat will not move forward or back. All other functions on the seat work. When I push the control forward or back it tries to move. It almost appears that the left side of the seat is jammed.

It probably is jammed. It may have to come out to determine what is in the track.

Any idea how to take it out &/or check the track ?

Yes, the seat is held in by 1 bolt on each bottom corner for a total of 4. Likely covered by pretty plastic pieces to hide the bolts. There are also electrical connections that need to be removed…

But it occurs to me if you have to ask this, you should leave this to a professional. Especially since I do believe there are side air bags in the seats.

If you really must try it yourself, here is a video showing the particulars;

Actually I brought this up because you have to move the seat ALL of the way forward and ALL the way back to take off the E16 & E20 Nuts / bolts AND MY SEAT WON’T MOVE !!

It might have been good to tell us that in the first post. Good Luck