Seats for dodge caravans

We have a 1993 Dodge Grand Caravan ES with not rear seats. We’re trying to track down one seat, but are having a hard time locating somewhere that indicates what year seats would fit this particular year & model.

Next to just driving to an available seat and testing to see if it fits, does anyone have any suggestions? (websites or otherwise?)


Why don’t you just call a junkyard? I’d bet any nearby place would have plenty of Grand Caravans of that year. You can just get rear seats out of a junker.

Yeah. We’ve done that.

The issue is that several places have seats for late 80’s models, and a few have seat for 95’s…none specifically for a 93…and they are all at least a 45 minute drive.

We’re hoping to avoid a drive that long just to find out the seat doesn’t fit, if we can…

I would imagine the seats from the 95 should fit just fine since it’s the same body version as your 93 and I don’t think these vans really changed at all within “generations”. If you can measure the distance between the mounting points, the junkyard should be able to confirm the dimensions over the phone.

The minivan forum at would be a good place to ask your question. Chrysler Corp. minivans are their specialty.