Seatbelt old

This is a silly question i think, but is there a solution for an older seatbelt which doesn’t zip right back? It’s not broken, it just doesn’t roll back like it used to.

Seat belts that don’t retract are quite common,cure new belt assembly,many manufactures give very good deals on belts. Check with Nissan.

You took the time to write “older” could you not have stated exactly how old?

didn’t thought about that. 8 years it is. I will check with nissan. Can you replace it yourself? I took the sidepanel off and seen the mechanics, but not sure about electrical issues.

thanks already, i’ll appreciate it

Before you decide to spend any money on this problem, I suggest that you take the time to read the details of all of the warranties that Nissan provided for this car. I suggest this because some car manufacturers (Subaru is one) provide a lifetime warranty on seatbelts and their hardware.

If Nissan provides similar coverage, you should be able to have this taken care of free-of-charge.