Seat belt problem

The driver’s seatbelt on my '02 Subaru Legacy doesn’t always retract, which I thought was just a nuisance I could live with. But the last time it didn’t retract, I slammed the door on it and broke off that little button down on the belt that keeps the fastener from falling into the great unknown.

My question: Can I just find a washer or something and super glue it on to hold the fastener-thingy in a position where I can find it? Or will that compromise the safety in some way? Sure don’t want to spend $150 for a new seatbelt.

Why would you spend anything on an item that is covered by warranty? Since my '02 Subaru has a LIFETIME warranty on the seat belts, then yours obviously does also.

Open the booklet in your glove compartment titled Warranty and Maintenance (or something to that effect) and read the details of the seatbelt warranty as well as all of the others that your car has or had. Even if the other ones have expired, the seatbelt warranty is still in effect.

Thanks for the reminder! I’m embarrassed to admit that it didn’t occur to me to
check the warranty.