1997 Toyota Camry Seatbelt Issues

My daughter’s “new” car is having 2 seatbelt issues and we don’t know the right thing to do in each case. The driver seatbelt is very frayed along the edges, although it still feels strong. Should it be replaced? If so, can just the material be replaced (the “belt” itself) or is it an entire mechanical unit that would need to be replaced? Second, the rear driver side seatbelt will no longer retract. Again, can a part be replaced, or does the whole unit need to be replaced? She kept trying to pull it a little more to get it to retract and it wouldn’t, so now it’s pulled all the way out (kind of like a broken window shade!). Thanks for your help. I don’t want to spend a lot to replace everything if it’s probably just a small part that needs replacing. Alternatively, can seatbelts be swapped from other locations in the same car or are they manufactured to fit in only one location in the car?

Check the warranty details for this vehicle.
Some manufacturers (Subaru comes to mind) give a lifetime warranty on seatbelts and related hardware. I don’t know if Toyota has a similar policy, but I would suggest that you check the Owner’s Manual for specifics.

You possibly should replace the front belt. Unless I have our cars mixed up in my mind, replacing the belt in a Camry is not enormously difficult to do. The hardest part is removing the plastic panels so you can get to the belt mechanism and attachment point. You can probably do it yourself if you have tools. I’d get a replacement from the junk yard myself, but make sure that the retractor spring isn’t too tired, they tend to work less and less well over the years and after a decade or so barely work.

The front belts might or might not be interchangeable with each other. As might the back.

The rear seat belt very likely has a twist in the belt material that has somehow worked its way back onto the roller. Or the latch mechanism may need cleaning and lubrication. You’ll probably need to get the belt out where you can work on it. If you are paying to have this done, it may be cheaper to replace the belt with a junkyard part than to straighten it out and return it to service.