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Seat belt replacement

I have a 98 Camry and have to replace the driver seat belt and the rear middle seat belt where my son sits. We have side air bags in the front. I’m wondering if replacements from a recycler are safe to use and are $40.00 or should we get new ones from Toyota for $147.00 each.

My question is WHY do they need to be replaced? Are they frayed? Do they not snap to ridgid position when pulled quickly? Was there a frontal impact collision so that they are locked tight and won’t move, in or out?

If the ones from the salvage are in good shape, I’d say they are OK to go with. I have found that many salvage yards will not sell seatbelts due to the liabilities involved, so if you’ve found some good ones that you can buy, go for them.

I would want to know why the donor car was junked. If it was in a collision, the belts may be damaged even if they look okay.

If it was me, I would get the driver seat belt from the recycler and the middle seat belt from Toyota, especially if your son is still in a car seat.

Ed B.

Go to the recycler and examine the belt inperson. You would be able to spot a belt in unacceptable condition. Turn down such belts, otherwise accept your $100 savings.

I have replaced so many new seat belts (primairly for non retraction issues) that I feel the use of used (primairly the drivers) will cost you time.

Thanks for the replies. Non retraction is the problem. I’ve since learned that because of the side air bags a recycled one would have to have a plug that goes into the air bags which would be hard to find at a recycler. The ones they have come with the bags for $300. and I don’t need the bags. I’m going to get new ones. Those are some good points about looking okay but might be damaged from an accident and costing time etc.