Seat belt hits my neck

Does anyone else have this problem? My seat belt hits the side of my neck and is quite uncomfortable. Is there a clip I can use to adjust it? I’ve tried moving my seat forward, backward, up and down, and that didn’t help. thanks, Kit

Some cars have a height adjustment for the seat belt adjacent to the seat. My Subaru WRX has this.

Owner’s Manual!

See if the car’s owner’s manual addresses this. Andrew j. is correct.

Sometimes it is not obvious how the adjusters work, but if you have them it will be explained in the OM. There’s all kinds of useful information in there!

Check out these seatbelt accessories from jcwhitney:

By: hellokit

Hi Shorty:

Check around at the auto parts stores. Some have a gadget made of cloth that keeps the belt out of the way. It is a minor inconvenience to use, but it makes things more comfortable.

Note: I do not know if these have been tested to assure they don’t interfere with the reason for seat belts.