Seasonal issues In 1999 Subaru Forester

My car has seasonal symptoms. In the summer it floods the first time I start it after filling the gas tank - but only in hot weather. In the winter I can smell gas when I park it. This again only in cold weather. It does not happen on warm days. Sometimes it backfires when it is restarted after it has been driven. This can take place several hours after it was shut off. This seems to happen mostly in warm weather but is intermittent, maybe one time in five. The check engine light has never come on. I understand that the flooding on restart at the gas station can be caused by a faulty EVAC purge valve, but as I said, no engine light. Do I have two problems or one with seasonal symptoms?

You can try cleaning the throttle body and make sure you don;t overfill the gas tank, when the pump shuts off the first time, that’s enough.

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