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Pump shuts off every 1/4 gal when filling gas tank

Putting gas in the car and pump shuts off every 1/4 gal. Can put in at a trickle but any speed shuts off the pump. Mechanic has checked the hoses for pinching and vents for clogs and all is clear. Any ideas?

This is a 1999 Subaru Forester driven on dusty roads.

We have had soooo… many posts about gas tank filling problems I believe you will find your answer using the sites search feature.

Some Forums I frequent have a feature that detects what subject you are posting about and automaticaly tells you there are answers for you to read, I think this is a good idea. I realize everyone wants personal service, just letting you know these issues have been gone over and over and over.

Thanks I will search more. I did not find anything on the first go around.

Do a general “tank filling search” or “pump stops a first click” type of search. “Problems filling gas tank” brought up 45 results

Quick answer, it may be the pump, or it may be a blockage, or it may be a problem with the vapor recovery system.

Are you in the habit of topping off the tank? Is there a notice in your owner’s manual or on a sticker on the car telling you not to top off the tank?

Happens at different pumps. Put hose down the intake and it is not blocked by the rollover ball. Do not top off tank. Car talk advises against that :slight_smile: Bought used 5 years ago, no owner’s manual. Called Subaru dealer and he did not have a suggestion. Had mechanic recheck the vents and says all okay. Mechanic states that if it is the carbon filter (?) then the check engine light would be on. No check engine light on. Other valve that researching this site suggests means dropping the differential to get to it. Mechanic would do as last resort. Still having problem. Not getting better. Any more suggestions before getting the differential dropped to find the valve? Thanks for the help.

Insert a flexible switch or tube down the filler neck to dislodge a stuck anti-rollover valve…One of those bicycle flag whips works good…

Has anyone done a technical bulletins search? it is possible this problem has been worked over by Subaru (even the Dealer fails to search for bulletins).

Inserted a piece of plastic tube, only came up with a wet end on the tube. So filler neck does not appear blocked. Have filled tank twice since then and it is no better. Good suggestion though. Thanks.

I just did a quick check on and didn’t see anything related to the fuel system

Thanks for checking the service bulletins. I have an appointment to drop the differential and see if there is a problem with the venting there. Will report back with what is found. If anything. Thanks everyone for your help. Much appreciated. Not that it should make any difference but this vechicle only has about 96,000 miles on it.