Subaru Forester Fueling Problem

A few weeks ago the check engine light on our 2003 Subaru Forester came on. The vehicle was running fine without any apparent problem until we went to add fuel to a nearly empty tank. Almost immediately at the start of fueling the automatic shut-off on the gas pump nozzle tripped off as if the tank was full. Many more attempts were made to add fuel with the same result—the nozzle automatically and quickly shutting off. Even with gas being added at a trickle, the result is the same. Each time we get the sounds of a normal, nearly full tank, the bubbling and girgling, before the nozzle shuts off. The problem persists given any pump/gas station we use. I have passed a rubber hose through the fill tube into the top of the tank with no resistance until just before it touches fuel in the tank, then there is a little resistance. I am baffled as are local mechanics. Has anyone out there encountered this problem? If so, you insight would be greatly appreciated.

Get the codes read that are stored for the CEL light. It may have something to do with the fuel vent system and gives some clues to this trouble.