Seafoam/Now it won't start

I put seafoam in my gas tank, drove 50 miles. Shut it off and now it won’t start

How much gas was in the tank at the time?

How much gas was in the tank when you added Seafoam, and did you add gas after putting it in? When I’ve added products like this, the directions said to add it to a near empty tank and then fill it. What do your directions say?

Additionally, I am wondering if there was an engine problem that the OP was trying to remedy with the Seafoam.

20 gal.
32oz of seafoam. It must be a fuel issue. Plugged filter?

20 gal has
32oz seafoam

Don’t assume the fuel has anything to do with it. It could be coincidence.

I am aware

Stop making us pull information out of you bit by bit. Why did you put seafoam in it? What was the car doing to make you think it needed it. Why do you think it must be a fuel issue?

Start from the beginning and tell us the whole story.


I remember the ID but not the car. What kind of vehicle is it?

It’s not the SeaFoam and not likely the gasoline that is the cause of the problem.

An engine needs 3 things to run. Compression, spark and fuel. Do you know which is missing?

I believe it’s the fuel pump. 94 GMC 212000 Miles. I had it towed. I’m traveling and no good way to diagnose away from home and by myself.
Compression is there. It has to be spark or fuel.

No issues, I did like I often do. P.M. or do I thought. I dumped sea foam in for no reason other than Preventative Maintenance. I had it towed. No way to check for spark by myself until dark, fuel I guess I could have check but not actual pressure. My guess is fuel pump retired at 212000 miles

Very simple way to test if spark or fuel is the problem: Just spray in some starting fluid. Then crank; if it starts then dies it is a fuel problem; it no start on starting fluid then spark lack is indicated.

I am aware. Its a walk to starting fluid. I took the lazy route

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